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Tots OoT Ocarina Themed Sticker

Tots OoT Ocarina Themed Sticker

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This creation of Tots was heavily inspired by Ocarina of Time's Young Link model. Taking elements such as the Tunic, Belt, Boots, Boomerang, Korkiri Shield, Bombs, Strength Upgrade, and the Ocarina you get from Saria at the beginning of the game.
"While growing up, I played the heck out of OoT. Now that I'm an adult, I know almost everything about the game, haha! Creating a Young Link-themed Tots was one of my favorite design projects, and I love how he turned out!"
- Malin, Goblin Rescue.

Sticker Material and Information:
Vinyl Sticker with a matte finish
Water and weather-resistant
Sized around 3 x 3"

Thick, durable vinyl protects the stickers from rain & sunlight along with scratching. Stickers look great on notepads, water bottles, computer cases, and more! Make sure to clean the location of the surface before applying the sticker.

Original artwork created by Goblin Rescue LLC
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